A Forceful Proposal

My Dearest Lumina,

I am Doctor Fellflame Von Khaos, Mage-King of the Charnel World! For many months have I observed your world through the Cosmic-Scope, preparing to crush it beneath my feet. But when I glimpsed you my heart was consumed with passion the like of which I could never have imagined! You are the most beautiful woman in all the worlds I have sought to conquer and your courage is as great as your beauty It is a shame you waste your life serving those weaker than you but I will rule them all in due course and you have no hope of stopping me in spite of your great strength so that is of no concern. You and only you in all the universe possess the greatness to be the bride of Khaos! If you accept me I will love you most tenderly for all your life. But if you refuse I will kill all those you love before your eyes and you will be helpless to stop me! For Khaos will not be denied!!!!!

Yours truly,
Doctor Fellflame Von Khaos, Mage-King of the Charnel World

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