Miss Muffet's Breakfast Club

The spider crawled back up the trunk of the apple tree. She was itching for a rematch.
Finally Molly Muffet returned to her favorite spot. She still carried her little porringer; it was lidded.
Estrella shimmered down her line to meet Molly face to face. “Good morning, Miss Muffet. Are you having the same breakfast today as you did yesterday?”
Molly looked resentful at her unwelcome visitor. “No whey,” she replied. “This is succotash.”
“That sounds cruel to me,” came the reply. I don’t like to see suffering."
“Then why did you scare me like that?” demanded Molly. “I wasn’t bothering you!”
Au contraire,” said the spider, sitting down beside the human girl. I wanted to punish you for what you had the other morning…for breakfast."
“I don’t know what you mean,” huffed the child.
“I realize that, but still, you destroyed all my progeny on Tuesday.”
“!” returned Molly. “I did not!”
“Child,” purred the spider, “You have NO idea how many eggs you had for breakfast.”

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