The room was dark, pitch black really.
I shivered with fear.
But the darkness wasn’t truly the problem. It was the silence that was getting to me.
I called out into the darkness for the billionth time.
But this time there was an answer.
“If I’d known she talked this much, I would have shot her,” a gruff voice mumbled.
“Is anyone out there?” I yelled.
The voice whispered something to what I presumed was his partner.
They appeared to reach a consensus, after which a dim light was turned on.
The voice, which belonged to a tall, foreboding man in his mid-30s, spoke to me.
“You are an asset. You are in Mr.Xie’s inner circle. We need to take him down and we can’t do it without you. That is why we rescued you.”
I raised my eyebrows. "You call this rescuing? "
The partner, a slim woman, spoke in a voice barely above a whisper.
“We’re special agents. We need to take down Xie, we need you. Will you help us?”
“Where are your badges?”, I queried.
The woman pulled out an ID badge.
I gulped. “I’m ready to talk”, I said.

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