Dear John

To: John T. Stankey – AT&T CTO;
RE: TM-453

I understand the importance of protocol in your time. It has been made abundantly clear to me since my arrival in this Temporal Occurance (TO 68.344.123.T-23) 7 days ago.

Protocol dictates that I submit this form (TM-453.2) in person and in triplicate, however I trust you’ll see the need to avoid a temporal paradox. I have reason to believe, if I were to appear before you, that our proximity would cause the collapse and destruction of, at least, our two dimensions.

I apologize for the inclusion of my pinky in this package; it is gruesome. Because it is no longer living tissue, the paradox should be avoided. I hope it serves the purpose of convincing you that I am you. Well, a different version of you, anyway.

Please consider the enclosed as my formal application to use the Time Machine currently under development in my/your labs. I am sure you see the criticality of my need to return to my own dimension/time.

John T. Stankey (TO 24.256.346.B-1)

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