A Hard Days Night

Dear Prudence,

The night before, I saw her standing there and I had to get back to the long and winding road. I told Polythene Pam don’t bother me, you can’t do that. I should have known better. She said, she said I want to tell you words of love. I told her what your doing is wrong.

In my life I need you. With a little help from my friends I want to tell you that it’s getting better. But I’ve got a feeling the two of us can’t come together. Everyone says your gonna lose that girl, but tomorrow never knows. In my life, your not just another girl.

This boy wants to thank you girl. I want to hold your hand and I’m happy just to dance with you. I know I am just a paper back writer and I’m a loser but I wanna be your man. Oh darling, it’s all too much. Yesterday and today, I need you. I’ll follow the sun eight days a week and sing you silly love songs.

Honey pie, I will drive my car down Penny Lane sunday so we can talk at your birthday party.

We can work it out.

Good night.

Doctor Robert

P.S. I love you

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