The Errant King Returns

A maniacal laugh echoes from the Hallway. Elsha and THX search desperately for its source.

Just outside the Elevator they pause as the voice booms, “Your to late!”

“I recognize that bad grammar,” Elsha admits. “But…”

“You thought I was dead?” the voice pities. “Well I’m not!” the evil laugh continues.

“Sanglorian!” THX blurts.

“It is I. And I shall claim what is rightly mine! You newly-knighted peasants! You search in vain; you will not find! You will not find because their’s nothing they’re too find!”

“There he goes with the bad grammar again,” Lady Elsha whispers.

“I think it happens when he’s angry,” THX concludes.

“Where are your heroes now? Where are your champions? Where’s Lady Pandorica? Haven’t seen her in a month of Wednesdays! Where is Lady Jessica? Somebody should give her a Cahill. Miss Someday? Last we saw her, ‘twas ’93. And Krulltar? Yes. Where is the self-proclaimed ‘guardian of Kevin Lawver’s Pen’? Cthulhuburger? He’s really late now. Isn’t he? And what became of a Sir Bic? – DEAD!”

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