The Easy Way Bites You In The...

I watched her these past 5 years. She married that man, had two kids, and made a life. Everyone can see she is unhappy. She doesn’t know what she wants; unwilling to find out.

At first, she was manager of a store. They gave her a key. But they kept moving her around and asking her to deal with people and she hates conflict and great change. So she got a job doing inventory, refilling ink, and cashiering at an office supply store. She had friends and seemed happy.

But she was pregnant and her husband was fired. He got lazy and fat and argumentative.

After the baby, she wanted to work at the daycare with the baby to simplify things. Her husband quit his second job. They moved into a house owned by family, playing on their sympathies.

Always the easy way out.

They had to move because the family was sick of him. His friend owned a house. Now with a second child, the same job, and her husband only seeking to be paid for light work under the table, what risk has she taken?

She risked her future.

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