Donkey Wild

Dear Diary,

My host family is great. Spain is a beautiful place. They promise to take me to Italy later this month. My host sister is insane! She takes me out to parties every night. I told my parents I would never drink, but I find myself hungover almost every morning.

I remember snippets of the night before, but each club looks like the last. Bodies gyrating, clothes coming off, people laughing, smoking, drinking, dancing, and fornicating. It’s hard to stay strong under such peer pressure! Are college parties like this in the States? I’ll never get any studying in.

My host sister has many friends, most even wilder than she is. My host mother seems to think it’s okay, like some sort of rite of passage. She smiled as she handed me a box of condoms and said something about a donkey. Was she talking about the boys’ sizes or a real donkey? It’s kinda freaking me out.

I’ll have to look it up in my dictionary.

andar como burro sin mecate To be wild; out of control.


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