Shanti's Dream

Shanti opened her eyes to black. Nothing. Just endless, ongoing, nothingness. Curiosity immediately overwhelms Shanti, and she started to wander around, trying to see if this nothingness led to anything. But left alone in this nothingness, Shanti starts to think. As she thinks, it manifests; she creates. Everything she thinks comes to life; the scenes changes to whatever she imagines and she can also go anywhere she wants. Shanti starts to have fun with these newly found abilities, but as she wanders through her New World she feels a very small pain in her wrist. She glances down to realize a pale blue line making its way around her wrist, and as Shanti continues shaping her New World, she notices that the line continues circling up her arm until it met the middle of her forearm. She dismissed it as an addition to her dream world, but suddenly there was a blinding light and a pain in her wrist as she awoke in her bedroom. A dream. Glancing down to realize the blue line was still marked into her arm. A dream?

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