The Talk

Adam, Tim, Colte, Bill, Kevin, Sam, Mark, Ginger, and Walter sat around the table.
“So tell us,” Tim said, “What was it like on your home planet?”
“We left our planet because of the Felons Three, who had taken over our planet.” Sam said.
“They were: Eldenstien, Suzerain Gloamer, and Admiral Narbe. When they came to our house, our father held them off while we ran for the escape pod hidden in our basement. We haven’t heard from our father since then. We drifted through space until we landed in your backyard.”
“I feel power radiating from you.” Bill said. “Do you have special abilities?”
“Yes,” Sam said, “I can use lightning, Singer can use fire, Walter can use water, and Mark can use shadow.”
“Hmm…” Bill said. “Shadow…”
“What about it?” Mark asked.
“There is powerful shadow magic,” Bill said. “I recall hearing about it somewhere.”
“I think it’s time to figure out where you’ll be staying.” Tim said.
“The backyard is fine,” Sam said. "We could have an underground home.
“We should start work on it right now”

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