“Scanning bio signature.” A man in the distance shone a light in the diver’s face.
“Hello? Who are you?” He tried to block the light coming at him with his hand. “How did you get down here? I thought I was supposed to be the one to make the first dive!”
With pragmatic precision the stranger approached the diver, “Stand down, scion!” As he grew closer he grew louder. And bigger. The diver pulled out his own light to see who was approaching him. Gears, rotors, levers and a metallic body belied the existence of a man, and instead in his place stood a goliath of a machine. It’s voice flexed and strained into a perfect male baritone. Cold and fluent.
Its arms revealed what could only be a weapon, “Stand down.”
The diver collapsed in fear on his hands and knees. The rock below him had become flat and warm. He was somewhere else. “Wha- what are you?”
It paused. What could only be thoughts, the circuitry around it’s head coruscated. It relaxed. “Your guide.”
The man blinked.
“Come. The sleeper awaits.”

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