Free Wheeling 2

Jane and Alice slipped down from the tree and slid between the cars and shrubs that littered the non-descript, suburban neighborhood. Even though they had to crab-walk, it only took six minutes to get from Jane’s house to the old Thompsons place. As they crossed the last intersection and sidled up to the low, brick wall in front of the deserted home, Alice asked, “Did you bring your dad’s camera? My phone died just before I left.”

“Yeah. He even showed me how to shoot with it last week.” She flipped the point-and-shoot out of her back pocket and handed it to Alice. “Twist the button on top until you see the icon with the star; that’s low-light for night time.”

“Shit Jay, I’m scared. I hate this house. It give me the willies.”

Jane wiped her mouth with the back of her sleeve, then tucked the wisp of blonde hair back under her hood. “Me too, but I swore I’d get a picture before I left this shit hole.”

She set her hands on the brick cap and vaulted up, onto the top of the wall. “Let’s go.”

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