6. Powers of Communication; Powers of Imagination

Test your powers of imagination further, traveler. It doesn’t matter that you’re an apparition of my imagination now, settle down. Stay. I’ve no one else to talk with.
Picture a device for communication that would allow you to speak or write to anybody on the planet who had a like device. Any language, any message, anyone who’s willing to listen. It fits in the palm of a hand. A thing, you’d say, of science fiction.
Now imagine possessing this wondrous item, Sam, and being able to call anyone…and how it would feel when no one responded. When your calls were unanswered, ignored, possibly rejected as contemptible blather. Even your calls for help were dismissed, in every language, by everyone who would otherwise be yours to converse with.
What would you do with that thing in your hand then? Fling it away in a fury? Coddle and croon to it, wheedle, beg, command them to attend?
Would you value it, doubting it would ever serve you?
You would still be better off than I am with the mind’s technology.

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