9. Finally, my Solo!

Pride was something I never had much of, for my own part. I was proud of my parents, proud of my siblings and friends. I was always waiting for the moment I would do something worthy of praise. That moment still hasn’t come, and now in my after life, I fear it may never happen.
But still, I have this trouble abandoning all hope. Silly, really. Pathetic. They love it, though. I like to think I won their affection for my repeatedly wishing. They must have some good times, coming up with new torments; laughs, at least. Good for them. I aim to please.
Why give them pleasure? Well, what’s the difference? I can’t change anything about my environs, but I still have a mind. It’s all I’ve ever had. I always wished for someone to demonstrate this mind-possessing quality of mine to, but till now I’ve impressed nobody. At least now I’ve got their attention.
The demons, too, aim to please. I’m still hanging here, a sword for Damocles, and they’ve never let me down.
An audience! It’s the best time of my life.

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