On August 2, 2083 the orange sky turned to grey. The dawning of that new day forever changed our planet.

Cyborgs swarmed through city streets worldwide. Like locust, they devoured everything in their path. Beijing, Cairo, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Moscow; all were devastated in less than an hour. Every major city, the world over, was obliterated by the unholy beasts of our construction.

The army, contrived with the purpose to protect mankind, had turned its attacker. Those once our brothers; the half human, the half machine, became our nemesis. United in war against us, wholly, cold and heartless killers.

Long ago, we taught our affinity to design, manufacture and replace their mechanical parts. At times, when it was cultured and available, our living tissues were offered to them. The Cyborgs though became greedy and craved more than we were willing to give.

Throughout the world the prisons became our fortresses. The prisoners became our freedom fighters. Rikers Island became humanity’s last hope.

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