Revenge is an Understatement

She never loved me. No. She always wanted to see my life end up like the pile of shit it has become. Well, soon she won’t be able to see anything at all. Much less make my life a living hell.

As I climb into her bedroom window, I cannot help but smile a venomous grin. I can’t believe I will finally be rid of her. The knife slips from my bra with ease, and I extract the tape from my bag and cover her mouth with it; I slap her awake.

“Shhh. I told you, Scarlet. I said that you would reap what you sow, didn’t I?” The words roll off my tongue tauntingly as I cut off her clothes and bite her nipples so hard that they bleed. “Too bad you are home alone tonight, dear, for I might have fucked your mother as well.” The feeling of my nails on her body, her squirming around, I’m about to cum right now.

While the tears roll down her face, I lick them gently, pressing the knife into her stomach; she begins crying and flailing harder than before. “Tis not the worst I can do, darling,” I say coldy as I slit her throat

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