To Be Tugged

Massive and hollow, Kraken tugged the ship, beckoning it down with lonely gravity. Albatross X remained diffidently aloft, soaring on graviton waves. Kraken yearned to be inhabited, stretched forth tract after track of land to be occupied. A crew weary of their tiny container in such vast space eyed the planet lustily.

The two danced in circles, at once painfully slow and dizzyingly fast. A pair of homely moons joined the pas de deux at its periphery, winking their interest but content to only tug gently at the hems of Kraken’s sea skirts.

“Captain?” came a hesitant voice from the cabin door, “It’s O’six hundred. You told me…um…”

“S’alright, boy,” Captain Ferris slurred from under the covers. He closed his eyes once more then forced them open and himself to sit upright.

“Aye-aye, sir,” the lad offered cheerily, “Mess with the bridge crew at O’six-thirty, sir.”

“Delightful. Dismissed and good morning to you, Buckles,” the captain sighed with a forced smile.

""Thank-y kindly, sir."

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