Time To Close Dark Chapters

“We should go in,” she whispered, her voice a delicate breeze.

Devin nodded, head and heart heavy, “Yes, it’s time.” He paused, breathed deep the languid air, “It’s time to go home.”

She gave a careless giggle, “No need to be dramatic, sweetie, just time for you to get to bed. The doctors…”

“No.” His rebuke was gently spoken, allowed to hardly tumble from his lips, yet it was as final a pronouncement as a shout or heralded proclamation. After another deliberate breath, he reiterated, “It’s time…to go home.”

He let his eyes fall from the heavens and close. His body swayed slightly in the private darkness. The world fell away, and reality threatened to follow close behind.

She brought him back with a swat of his backside, “Damn, Devin, I thought you’d never say so. Hitch yer’ britches, and let’s get.”

A smile tugged his lips and urged his neck to turn so that it might be shared. An equally pleased smile tugged her mouth to his, a welcoming kiss, glad to be home, ready for the journey back.

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