What Is It?

I turned and stared at him, “I don’t know, I just got drunk to have a good time.”

“Normally, that would be a fine answer Andy, but I know you and you have been acting weird all night.”

“Jake, listen to me. I just got drunk, okay?”

He pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. Moved his hands off of the wheel and took a deep breath. He turned to me, “That is bullshit Andy.”

I was nervous now, I looked away from him and waited a few seconds then whispered, “Can…can you just take me home?”

“God Andy,” he put his hands on the wheel and rested his head there. He lifted himself back up, “Why do you do this to yourself? What are you so afraid of? How can a girl go through life dealing with it all on her own? What? Do you think I’m going to hate you or something, think you’re pathetic?”

“No,” I whispered staring at my hands.

“Then what is it Andy?”

I looked at him then back down at my hands,“Beauty isn’t in everything, Jake.”

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