Airships: A Heart's Paradox

Elletra couldn’t breathe. She stared at his desperate eyes, her tongue seeming to forget how to speak.

Her thoughts were on a speeding train just about to derail. The one man that she had found again. The one that she actually wanted. And he had created the one thing that she hated as much as the Earl. That meant he caused the Sleeper Epidemic. The one that killed her friends. The one that would be guilty of so many other lives if the bombs were used.

She took in a shaky breath, retracting her hand without thinking. She could see his crestfallen expression as he stared at her.

“You’re not-” His voice cracked but he went on, “You’re not going to slit my throat where I stand?”

Elletra would’ve smiled if it had been under different circumstances. But this wasn’t funny. If it had been anybody else, she would’ve done exactly that without a second thought. But revenge wasn’t as simple this time. It was twisted and impossible. But one thing was clear.

“I… can’t hurt you. Not anymore. Not ever.” She whispered.

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