10. The Problem with Eternal Reward/Punishment

Death, I’ve learned, was the cue that the Judge was waiting for. I don’t know if His decision was based on all the facts, or a few selected tidbits, but I went down. Others I know went up.
Here in Hell, I’ve had time to think; I figure that eternity is a real challenge for the management, insofar as it demands that the dead person must experience endless pain or grief, as in my case, or eternal pleasure and satisfaction. For a while, either works fine, with minimal effort on the people-wranglers’ part.
But the thing about people is, they can get used to anything, given enough time; time is what they’ve got in spades.
The challenge is to make the suffering or pleasure endure, and to do that, the bosses have got to be resourceful. The natural gravity of eternal emotion is toward boredom, so the key phrase, both in Heaven and in Hell, (or “H/H” as I put it) is “Keep it Fresh!”
For us, it’s endless; for them, it’s a constant headache. Our minds won’t let them rest—always a day late and $50 in the hole.

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