Last Year

I know.
I know I said I needed sleep.
But I’m caught between the beat of your heart and my own.
You know,
I feel you as strongly as anything,
Or nothing.

Lost in the wind,
We were…

Where were we last summer,
Before the walls came crashing down?
And the world broke around our ears,
In tremendous silence?

God only knows,
I suppose.

We were nothing more than a smile and a whisper,
Something caught between subtle moments and,
The pixellation of black on white.
Whatever that means.

We were something bigger than the universe back then,
And even the atoms of our existences knew it.


Perhaps this town’s too big for us.
Perhaps this earth’s too big for us.
Perhaps last year was just a year when life was good for once.

I know.
I know I said I needed you.
But maybe I told life that lie,
Like I told you I needed sleep.
And maybe when I wake up,
Last year won’t just be a dream.

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