Potty Dis Humor (pt.2)

Unfortunately, my host believed my foolish lie of being out “in a minute”.

I really do wish that they’d just left. They could’ve saved me the embarrassment.

But now, after several minutes, it was time to wipe & come clean.

I was reunited with the gang, sitting in front of empty, but greasy, plates. Mine was half eaten, as if I’d left in the middle of an emergency notice.

With everyone staring at me, as if I’d just returned from the front lines of the Great War, I gave the only explanation I could:

“Don’t you hate it when you poo, then you think you’re done, and go to all the trouble of wiping up… and then you realize that you have to poop again?!”

Most of my friends just stared at me with an odd expression. But an angel attempted to stifle her giggle and then let it free.

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