Kuiper Cowboy: Attack!

Tycho keyed the final sequence of pulse beams needed to send the comet into orbit around Iapetus. Thankfully the hard part was over and all that was really left to do was collect his paycheck.

Tycho and the boys finished the pulse sequence and headed back to the mothership. It was then that Remmi and his gang struck. Before anyone could raise the alarm blasters were being fired all over. Tycho raised his mag-rifle and fired at one of the attackers. It was a blow directly to his foe’s power core which silently exploded. Shots crowded the space all around him.

From nowhere a shot hit Tycho’s Equus. It didn’t destroy the bike but it was enough to muck up the circuitry, sending Tycho uncontrollably into the empty dark. He wrestled with the bike, if he couldn’t regain control he would die for sure.

Remmi surveyed the scene. Everything was going according to Dr. Tiberius’s plan. After finishing off the stragglers his men took position around the comet and Remmi keyed in the pulse sequence he had been given.

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