(I Am Not The) Guatamalan Nipple

As Otto walked into the arena, his recruiter handed him a costume and said his first match would begin as soon as he has changed. When asked about practicing, the recruiter said that he was able to line up his first match tonight. All he needed from Otto was his name. The Guatamalan Ripple? Otto shook at the news of starting his wrestling career so quickly, but decided to put on his costume anyway. Stepping out into the small arena, the crowd noise was overwhelming. The spotlights featured the tiny ring in the center of the room. Otto walked down to the base, and crawled under the ropes. He squinted into the bright lights as he heard the loudspeakers announce his presence. However, the announcer mispronounced his name and presented him to the crowd as the GUATAMALAN NIPPLE. The crowd noise morphed into laughter. Otto briefly reflected at the possibility to being to hasty with his new career choice. The bell rang. Otto realized that he didn’t remember hearing the name of his opponent.

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