Beth liked to skip the actual dying part but the punters always seemed to want details . It was what they demanded for their fifty bucks.
She peered through the gloom at Mrs Kaplinski she had that look that said, ‘Prove you ain’t a fraud, get this right and I might just pay you.’
“Well Arnold says he was just trying to pry the toast out of the toaster with a knife and forgot to switch it off. It sort of took him by surprise when he got thrown across the room. He says he didn’t appreciate you yelling from the next room wanting to know why the fuck he was taking so long.”
Mrs Kaplinski shifted uneasily in her seat, she didn’t like the fact that someone knew the last thing her husband heard was her swearing at him.
Beth couldn’t resist turning the screw a little tighter on her discomfort.
“He says you stopped him buying a new one, said it was a waste of money. He says you were always tight with money.”
“I’m careful, not tight,” she responded clutching her handbag to her chest.

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