Let It Rain Down on Me

There stood Ni Kuo. He did not flee the cursing. His hands were raised but not to cover himself. Fury shone on his face like the Summer sun.

I lost sight of him for a few moments while I ran for cover. All the land could offer was a bit of jutting rock. I squatted low, and my eyes searched for my brother while my heart chided me for following him.

Ni Kuo stood by the water shaking his fists at the heavens. Though the stones made a hellish noise upon the earth I could still hear his screaming, half in our tongue and half in something that sounded like jibberish.

Something grazed my ankle, and I looked down fearing a scorpion. If one plague, why not another? It was only a mouse, as frightened as me and seeking shelter.

When next I looked the onslaught had stopped. My brother was no longer screaming. He was not shaking his fists. He was not standing in proud defiance.

He was not standing at all.

For a moment I feared he was not breathing either, but he stirred, a pitiful moan echoing in the pass.

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