Hunter's Birth

Wind roared through the darkest night bearing in its wake a furious snowstorm, for those inside the tiny hut it seemed like the Winter Goddess was trying to batter through the walls to kill them before hunger could. A man old before his time looked at his suffering children and added more fuel to the fire, offering a prayer to keep the cold at bay a little longer, long enough for the sun to rise so he hunt, enough to grant him one more day with his family.
Outside the Winter Goddess howled in pain, the blue skin of her stomach swollen and distended, her shimmering white hair drifting as her nephew The Wind danced to take her mind from the birth. Hours later a sudden tearing, blood bursting across the snow as the Sun rose to greet the newborn god.
The man left the hut as soon as the sun rose and found himself looking at a blue skinned woman breathing heavily on the ground and a tall naked man standing before him
“Worry not human, my mother is Winter and my father is Death and I shall guide your hunt this day”

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