15. The Challenge: Wonders Ever Cease

Challenge me to a staring contest? The one who looks away first has to stay in the glass case, the bell jar.
It’s not easy being eternal, you know? My story will end very soon, but not because my suffering will cease. You should understand that it never will. But you will get tired of listening, no doubt. The others did, after all, and why should you stop your tour of the Circles here? Surely I cannot manage to be endlessly amusing to you.
I wish there were more things to show you, stories to tell, but I ran out.
It’s a loop, after all; after you see one cycle, you’ve essentially seen it all. That’s why, in the end, God’s creation is a dud.
Wait, did He hear me? I hope He did.
Hey God? It’s me, Plato Plath. I want you to know, I’m about to flip to a different station if you don’t get your act together. This series of endless dull punishments is losing its flavor really fast. You can’t stop me from ending my own ability to pay attention to your shenanigans. Free Will still applies, pending any accident.

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