His armor slid over his shoulders and chest adding on another 70 pounds for him to carry. Picking up his sword was almost impossible but he managed a slow walk.
“Anne, is that you?” He whispered into the woods.
“Jesus! Joseph, you scared the shit out of me. I could have killed you!”
“I could have killed you! I thought you were the enemy!” He sighed and dropped his weapon. “How’s our supplies looking?”
She opened up their chest seeing a scarce amount left. “Hardly anything left! I think we were robbed!”
They heard a rustling up ahead of them, no further than 100 feet away.
He put a finger up to his mouth and signaled them to walk. They crept slowly and finally they were on top of them.
“GET THEM!” They pounced on top and stabbed until the others were dead.
“Teaches them to steal from us!”

There was a shout in the distance, “Joseph! School is tomorrow! Get off that block game!”
“It’s Minecraft, Mom! Anyway, same time tomorrow sound good, Anne?”
She typed a smiley face, “Same time tomorrow!”

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