If Jace hadn’t asked Macy’s mother if she could come outside to play, her mother would not have agreed.
If Macy wasn’t able to play then she wouldn’t have brought the new ball she begged her dad at the store for.
If she hadn’t brought out her ball they wouldn’t have played a game of catch.
If they hadn’t have played a game of catch it wouldn’t have turned into a game of keep away.
If they hadn’t played keep away Macy wouldn’t have fled down the street and away from Jace.
If they hadn’t ran up the street they wouldn’t have met a man in a van saying he had free puppies in the back that need homes.
If Jace had spoken up to Macy that they should go home instead, they wouldn’t have looked in the back of the van.
If they hadn’t looked in the back of the van, their mouths and wrists wouldn’t have been bound and they would have heard Macy’s mom shouting them inside for lunch.
If Macy’s mother peered down the street she would have seen a the tail lights of the van driving down the road.


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