16. What it All Means to Me

Philosophy has a Laboratory. Hell—which for all I know is the same as Heaven—is where we can best examine ideas about existence and the meaning of our lives.
I’m nearly through haranguing you with my tales and my innerventions. I’ve seen all kinds of things, and let me tell you, kiddo, I’ve never metaphysics I did like. What I’ve discovered so far—I’ve had an infinite portion of my eternity already, fractional but complete in its own way—is that what we have left with us when we reach the afterlife is what is really essential about us. Our minds; our imagination. We are left in a tomb of glass here, not so others can see us, but to remind us all that we can see whatever we want. Our senses’ sensations are all in our minds. Memory+Imagination=Perception. We are, in short, what we THINK, not what we eat. I left my meals behind with that moldy meat I called a body, and it helps the flowers cheer those who remain for now. It’s enough for the real world. That is my conclusion on metaphysics.

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