That Night

My body twitches uncontrollably, and my heart is pounding as though it might rupture inside of me. I cannot control all the tattered thoughts that puncture my brain in this moment. Should I do it? Maybe I should return to my bed and continue to suffer. They deserve it. Will I be suspected of slaying my own “godparents?” If only “God” would have saved me along time ago, none of this would have to haunt me.

I creep into their bedroom across the hall with my large scissors shaking in my hand. As I try to decide who’s life to steal first, “mom” turns away from “dad”, and I know that I must kill her first. The scissors open wide with ease. I place the opening on her neck and begin clamping down ruthlessly over and over again until blood showers me. She slaps her throat engulfing her hands in her own blood as she falls to the floor.

I rush to “dad”, rip open his throat just as I did hers, and shove him off the bed. Their gurgling moans are muffled as soon as I shut my bedroom door and climb into bed. Goodnight.

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