Fantasyland X

“A trek,” Gloria’s small button nose scrunched up flaring like a prize-winning stallion.
“Yes,” Carl said as he strapped the long sword to his side giving the leather one last snap to make sure it was tight, “a trek.”
“To the capital, a trek to the capital?
“Yes now hurry, we have to get the others from the Inn before sundown.”
Gloria hitched her skirt to the side and slid a dagger onto her thigh before letting the material fall gracefully down to her feet. She strapped the quiver to her back.
“I was ready hours ago I’ve been waiting for you,” she said.
“You little s…
“Now, now, what would mother say about that kind of language my dear brother?
“Why I have to take my sister on this mission is beyond me. I offered to take everyone but you but no, they give me you and a bunch of idiots. Why do the gods hate me?
“Because you’re a d…
“Hey,” Carl snapped, “mother would skin me alive if she heard you speak like that.
“Why is it she doesn’t mind me killin’ people but swearing?
“Old fashioned I guess.”

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