Think About Aten in Your Eggshell

Moonlight tells me that it’s finally time.

Time to crack your egg’s eggy shell,
crawl on out and stretch your pretty neck.

You don’t have to worship Aten any longer.
Admire him,
And crave him every once in a while.
But need him, not.

You look at your new mother,
Moon mother…
She made you and
fed you as you grew and swelled in her tummy.

You were a mama’s girl,
that’s okay.
Aten never hurt you,
he just took from you.
Sometimes without knowing.

But that’s all over now.
The sun is gone…
for now.

And maybe it can always be night
in the sweet, heavenly light of the perfect lala luna.

And yellow shines down,
down to the silk of my trap…
Soft and sweet.

Maybe you look like a flower,
And you can draw me in.

I can tell you can keep me
safe from other things,
even though you plan to
eat me before that
sun comes on up.

It’s okay if it’s you.

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