The Face of an Angel

“You aren’t really here, you can’t be.” He said to the woman before him. His fiancĂ© was standing before him, but it wasn’t her. Something was off; she was holding herself differently, and her hair was a different color.

“What do you mean dear? I’m standing right in front of you aren’t I?” she said, smiling.

“I thought you were overseas visiting your family?” he asked, not quite willing to believe it was her.

“Can I come in, or do I have to stand out here all night? Or did you have other plans?” she cocked her hip suggestively, alluding to what those plans may be.

Not waiting for an answer, she grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. Stunned, he followed her into the bedroom and shut the door just as the phone started to ring.

The answering machine clicked on after a few rings:

“Hey honey, its me. I just wanted to call and let you know that plans changed and I will be home tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you!”

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