Chuchip (part 7)

The Mother Moon granted Ashkii his wish, but in return took his life. Another crater sunk into her rough skin, just for him as all who use the blade to ease their pain do.

All that was left of him on Earth was his body. The water washed onto the shore, trying to reach is body to take it in, but it couldn’t quite make it.
As nature does, his scent was strong enough for the wolves to find him. As the alpha made the first tear in his oak skin, Chuchip—a mile away— felt it in his heart.

One knee bent, as if proposing to his soul’s love, Chuchip’s head faced the heavens. His antlers grew larger, almost as long as much as the length of his body.

Beta took the second shred.

Both front legs bent, kneeling, Chuchip’s cry echoed from the trees like a call. Not a call for help or for mercy. It was a cry of pure sorrow.

The rest of the pack forgot about taking turns and cut Ashkii completely open.

Chuchip took a last, sweet breath and died in the forest.

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