A Call to Arms

It remains to be seen what effect this continuous cycle upon our generation will be. Authors and critics alike have made increasingly radical claims as to the path these events have set us on, and have prognosticated bleak portents for the future of our homes and families. To this end, it has become requisite to warn the general public as often and in as many ways as those of us who value freedom find available. Too long has this troubling pattern gone unnoticed or, even worse, ignored.

What sets a culture apart from the inevitable decline that so many of our world’s proceeding civilizations have suffered? When do we begin along the path that lead to the sack of Rome, the defeat of Napoleon, the destruction of Chicago? Are we doomed as well to be a history lesson repeated to future generations while they plunge headlong into the same doom that ended ours?

Only a bulwark of firm compliance with that which corresponds to reality will form the spearhead of our return from the pathway of utter ruination.

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