Round-About Circle

He likes me,
but I love you.
You can’t see,
and you don’t even know.

I mean alot to him,
and you mean so much to me.
My fondness for him is near to little,
My fondness for you is though the roof.

He’s straight up with me all the time,
you like to pull the strings of my heart.
Why do I continue to fall each and every time,
when you screw with me as much as I fall.

This is what happens when there is a circle,
A circle of love,
No one ever wins, someone always loses.
It’s called the round-about.
Around and around we go.
Yeah, No one ever wins, Someone always loses.

Days go by,
Seasons never change.
You love me like a sister,
But I love you like a man. (<—sorry i didnt know what else to put)
Days go by,
and you never change.
Seasons never change,
but my love will fade…..

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