A Stale Day

No knock was necessary.
Hometown treats and reunions
Couldn’t fix her.

And hold on tight.
I don’t think anybody could
be as busy as you.

Campy tellings of our days
won’t make these better.
Well, maybe for a moment.

Until the familiar smells become
too familiar again.
Now the thought of you
isn’t even memory anymore.

I do remember that smell of sickness.
That’s the one I never got used to.
Natural sickness is always better
Because there isn’t anybody to blame—
Except for our Mother
And could we ever shame the Earth?

But I feel stuck
And unable to flip and fry
And chop and stir.
All eight of the legs don’t fit.

Jam them in,
even if you’ve got to break them.
And yeah,

your life was a small sacrifice
to pay for my future.

As ungrateful as I am,
I still miss you.
Who watches these silly movies?
Yeah, Cameron Diaz is sexy.

I’ve discovered some things
since you’ve been gone.
Maybe I like girls as much as I like boys.

This is my way of telling you.

the fireworks don’t count as much.

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