Saved By a Cowboy

“I remember being six or seven years old. My family was a lot different back then. My parents were still together—that was a nightmare. But anyway, they were friends with this couple that lived out in the rural part of the state. We visited them a few times while I was younger. They had a huge backyard with some dirt hills. They were all about four-wheelers and motorcross and stuff. I loved riding with my dad on the four-wheeler! And so,I hopped on with my dad. Mitch, part of the couple my parents were friends with, was riding a motorbike. Cowboy, yes his name was Cowboy, was also riding the track on a motorbike. Some how Mitch was headed toward us at the T. The rest happened in slow motion, it seemed. Cowboy sped up—he was behind us. And his bike was mid air and Mitch collided with him. If Mitch would’ve hit us, I might have died or been seriously injured. Cowboy walked away with a broken arm and some cuts and bruises.Who knows where Cowboy is? Mom told me that he and his wife had a baby not too long ago.”

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