“Chuck, you guys can’t prank me right now,” said Char, waving the light red sheet of paper. From her TV anchor desk, Char could barely see Chuck. She leaned around one of the hairdressers to make eye contact with him.

Chuck rolled his eyes, removed his headphones, and shuffled over. “It’s not a prank, Char. That happened. That’s the news today.”

Char narrowed her eyes as Chuck wiped the sweat from his forehead. When she said nothing more, he shrugged and went back to his spot behind the monitors.

Char poured over the “BREAKING NEWS” script, now having lost precious memorizing time.

“Okay, people,” Chuck shouted. “Let’s make some news.”

Char locked in on Camera 1 and waited for the countdown. Then she launched into it.

“Good evening, I’m Char Athey with some breaking news. Numerous patrons at the Panera Bread on South Louise claim that God revealed himself to them while they ate. At around 12:30, an unidentified man stood on one of the outdoor tables and declared, ‘I am who am, and I am on my way.’”

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