Samantha Rogers: Harlot, Queen

I don’t get upset when I’m called a harlot.

I am one – or at least I used to be before I was taken in, and now…well, it doesn’t mean what it meant back then. Now being a harlot is a real thrill.

Now they call me- me! Samantha Rogers from the downtown ghetto- the Scarlet Queen of the Fire Birds. Yes, that’s the one and only Fire Birds of Coney Island, the rising business that has taken the streets by storm!

I’m saddened to hear of some nasty accusations of the Fire Birds- that we’re criminals!

We may be crazy, but we’re not criminal. We’re living life RED. So we’ve helped some kids get their fix and put some girls up for display…but we’ve never helped someone get something unless they wanted it. They had to want it badly enough to spill blood for it. They had to feel this need deep in their bones.

I can assure you they’re freer than you.

Also, when did you last work in a soup kitchen? You can find my subjects and I at the one off Bowery every Tuesday and Thursday. How bad could we be?

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