A Way Out

“Sometimes running isn’t the answer to everything.”
“I never said that it was.”
He continued to dump the contents of his drawers into his black duffel that never seemed to fill. When each drawer was emptied, he slammed it shut and moved onto the next. I starred at him intently.
“There are only so many drawers, you know.”
He turned around once more, and instead of looking at my uniform with condemnation he peered deeply into my eyes. I shook my head as to erase what I had said before.
“All I’m saying is that running away from this ‘godforsaken place’ isn’t going to give you all the answers, Jas.”
He looked up at me, and I could feel my heart burst because his sadness had truly cast a shadow over his eyes. His vibrant blue orbs were now a dimmed shade of navy, almost gray.
“I’m not looking for answers, Scarlet. Maybe I’m just looking for an out.”
I nodded. I understood, I really did.
“Maybe I’m not as strong as you.”
He shook his head and finally zipped the duffel shut.
“Are you coming?”

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