The Order of the Kraken

The three of them strode side by side up the ramp, hard leather soles and steel capped cane clattering loudly as they entered the submersible. Passing through narrow passageways, they meandered instinctively towards the bridge.

Upon entering the bridge, the General turned to face his companions, “I confess I was most intrigued to receive your letter, though I’m not entirely sure why I’m here.”

“But my friend,” spake the Top-hatted man, “I’m afraid it is I who has been rendered discombobulated, I sent no such correspondence, I came due to a letter from yourself.”

It is at this point that the sharp hiss of steam was heard from the captain’s chair. It creaked as it rotated, revealing a bizarre visage. The man stood, allowing his black silken cape to fall around his legs. Following down, the first thing you might notice was his admiral’s hat, then his heavyset brass goggles, and then the mask that covered his mouth, jettisoning steam at irregular intervals.

The three companions cried out in disbelief.

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