Adam bolts down the alleyway between his building and the next, clambering over the wire fence at the end.

The Heli-Coppers are closing in.

He runs through the streets, colliding with strangers, tripping over his feet.

If they catch him, there’ll be no trial.

Flagging down a taxi, he gets in, types the first address that comes to mind into the keypad, and looks through the back window as the taxi speeds away.

They didn’t see him get in the car.

He breathes for what feels like the first time since this all began.

He tried to quit.

But you only quit when they say you quit.

And now they frame him for this?

I’m a dead man.

Adam fishes the ring out of his pocket, the chain caught on a button of his jeans.

He kisses the seal for any good luck it might be worth.

His destination is fast approaching.

He dares to hope.

The taxi pulls to the curb of the house.

Adam undoes the seat belt.

A Heli-Copper’s bullet pierces his heart.

He slumps.

His parents come out of the house to see what’s going on.

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