Stomach a Joyful Noise

Rudely interrupting a delightful cup of Oolong tea Miriam’s cell phone whirred to life. She refused to ever have the ringer on, considering it a sacriligious interruption upon a peaceful life. The ‘vibrate only’ function was bad enough.

Roy had texted, I did it! I did it! I did it!

Miriam put the phone down and took another sip of tea. She knew he would text again whether she answered or not. She also knew the sunset would only be this beautiful for a few more minutes before the last shadows of hills and trees lengthened over the house to become night.

It buzzed again, I really did it, praise G-d!

Giving up on the last moments of the day’s death, she texted back, Shonda! Watch your mouth.

Sorry, but I did it! I Finally did it!

Having heard it before she rolled her eyes, Where are you?

The elm tree by the creek bridge.

By the tree?

In the tree.

She paused, setting the phone aside. She finished the Oolong with one heavy swig and a sigh.

Sit tight. I’ll bring the tranq gun.

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