Sitting alone in the moonlight the garden sparkled with its own kind of subtle beauty. It was quiet and only the sounds of the night could be heard. In the distance slow, peaceful music wafts towards her. Inside the ballroom there were dissatisfied couples dancing, drinking and enjoying polite conversations about nothing of importance.

Outside the night was clear and cool. A soft breeze tickled her skin as she stared up at the stars and wondered if life could have been any different for her.

With a whisper light rain began to fall around her, the kind of rain that gets into the flesh, into the bone and into the soul. For a time, she didn’t move, she simply sat, while the rain slowly cleansed her soul.

With one fluid motion, she was standing. A slow smile was spreading on her face and her heart was flying free. As the rain sparkled down from the sky she stretched out her arms and started to spin.

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