The Sacrifice

Chad Morgan was the pride of Estonna. High school football captain by 15. Quarterback starter by 16. All American contender for high school sports in his senior year.

Evan Wenchel was not.

But they were the same age. From the same family. A family that ruled this rural Connecticut town with its money, its tendril influence from City Hall and the municipal courts all the way down to the PTA and the school administration. And why not? The Morgans were the reason for Estonna. Were the reason Estonna was named Forbes’ most affluent small American town 20 years in a row. Was the reason every family there would never have want for money, food, comforts.

Chad knew there was a reason. His family’s dark secret.

And that success came with a price: A sacrifice every 18 years of Morgan blood. Arrguthurrah demanded it. Soak in the blood, bless the town for another 18 years. No sacrifice, and everything falls apart in fire and pain.

Chad knew something else: It was Evan’s turn for sacrifice.

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