Sally groaned as she sat up. Everything had been a blur,’and she barely remembered what had happened. All she knew was that her whole body ached horribly… And why was it so dark? And was that a heartbeat she heard? She turned a bit and felt her wings brush the walls of her prison…

Wait, wings?

It came flooding back. Her capture of Melissa and Cici, their speedy regrowth, her deal with the bee-lady…

She lightly touched her wings. They were still small, not entirely formed. Curious, she reached down to her back pelvis, and sure enough, she felt a bee stinger, sized up to fit her proportions.

She pressed a hand against the front wall. “Hello?” she asked, surprised when her voice came out a bit squeaky.

“Ah, you’re awake,” came Jessy’s voice. “Good, I thought you might have been put in a coma.”

“…Am I in your womb?” she asked.


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